Social Language, Digital Media;

Fridays 1pm – 3pm

Tutor: Mark Ingham

Upper Casket



“This option focuses on an area of social semiotics inherent to the codes of language formed by social processes and new and emerging media. There is the opportunity to explore the study of how we design and interpret meanings, texts and digital communications and the challenges associated with language on an evolving digital platform.”


Is this what we should be talking about?

Internet linguistics

Internet linguistics is a sub-domain of linguistics advocated by David Crystal. It studies new language styles and forms that have arisen under the influence of theInternet and other New Media, such as Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging.[1][2] Since the beginning of Human-computer interaction (HCI) leading tocomputer-mediated communication (CMC) and Internet-mediated communication (IMC), experts have acknowledged that linguistics has a contributing role in it, in terms of web interface and usability. Studying the emerging language on the Internet can help improve conceptual organization, translation and web usability. This will benefit both linguists and web users.[3]